The SAY YES TO LIFE (SYTL) Leadership Academy is established to serve in the vital areas of human development. As we work to heal our communities, it is also necessary that we address the healing of the human as well. Although the relevance and application of the SYTL Leadership Academy programs are universal, our programs and workshops are specifically designed to address the uniquely challenging circumstances of our inner city communities.


We have created two primary programs for the SYTL Leadership Academy:

1)    Leadership 101: The First Steps

2)    Leadership in Action: The Gifts & Talents

Leadership 101: The First Steps is a prerequisite for moving onward to the second step, which is Leadership in Action: The Gifts & Talents. We have found that it is necessary to first deal with the individual in a space that will allow for healing and recognition; this is what The First Steps are designed to address. The Gifts & Talents is where we facilitate a space for self-discovery and co-creation with others. The programs are applicable and uniquely tailored for all age groups from preteen to adults.